The Design MCB Award has been held since 1986 by the Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo. The award, the most traditional of the segment in the country, reveals talents and consecrates professionals and companies.

The Prize is divided into two main moments: the Poster Contest and, next, the prizes for products and written works.

With registration open between February and March, the Poster Contest challenges participants from all over the country to create the main publicity piece for the Award. Proposals received are evaluated by an independent judging committee, which elects the winner and the finalists. The chosen piece is printed and distributed by the museum to publicize the inscriptions of the awards, in addition to guiding the visual identity adopted for each edition. The author receives a prize of R $ 3 thousand and a contract of R $ 3 thousand for the creation of other graphic materials. Started in 1995, the Contest results in a collection of posters that record part of the moments experienced by Brazilian graphic design.

In the second semester, the winning poster announces registration for the award itself. Between May and July, the MCB receives creations in categories that include product design and theoretical production in design. The categories are Construction, Transport, Electronics, Lighting, Furniture, Textiles, Written Works and Utensils.

The works are analyzed by two independent judging committees, one for the product categories and the other for written works. Finally, the winners are chosen, divided between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and honorable mentions, in addition to selected projects that make up the exhibition.

As a result of the Design Award, the MCB sets up an exhibition in November with the winners and categories of each edition, which will be on display at the Museum for about two months.

MCB Design Award Book
To celebrate the 30th edition of the Design Award, the MCB in partnership with Editora Olhares produced a special publication that reflects on the award and Brazilian design. The three authors are recognized thinkers in the design area: Chico Homem de Melo, Marcos da Costa Braga and Maria Cecilia Loschiavo. You can purchase it on the publisher’s website. We thank Ed. Olhares for the publication; Dpot and Dpot Object for supporting the project; MaisType for the partnership for printing.

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