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In its 34th edition, the Design MCB Award in order to contribute to the printing of the participants’ posters, closed partnerships with the printing companies InPrima Itaim, Power Graphics and Paper Express. They will offer special discounts and delivery facilities. For example, anyone who lives in another state or city, far from São Paulo, can send the file for printing to one of these graphic partners and they will be in charge of delivering the pieces directly to the Museum.

There are no restrictions on the type of paper, weight or printing process in the tender notice. The options offered will be in accordance with the production possibilities of each of the printers.

InPrima Itaim

Request a quote for: Lucas Benjamin | lucas@inprima.com.br

Tel.: (11) 3167-1263


Paper Express

Request a quote for: Wagner Araújo | wagner.araujo@paperexpress.com.br

Tel.: (11) 3271-7488


Power Graphics Unidade Berrini

Request a quote for: Roberto Litzinger | roberto@powergraphics.com.br ou

Evanderson Oliveira |  pw03@powergraphics.com.br

Tel.: (11) 5501-2244

50% discount for students:
Students must enroll in the award system and select the ‘student discount enrollment’ option. Then fill in the data correctly and insert a document that proves the link with the educational institution (example: student card, monthly payment slip, bulletin).

50% discount for ‘MCB Friends’ program members:
To obtain the discount, the member must select the option ‘partner discount registration’ in the system, fill in the data correctly, include the discount code and attach the Program’s virtual card.

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